Research on the near field sound source localization method for small snapshots

Qing Ji1, Jin Fang Cheng2

Department of Weaponry Engineering, Naval University of Engineering, Wuhan, China

1Corresponding author


Received 2 October 2017; accepted 8 October 2017



Abstract. The performance of standard MVDR algorithm would be decreased sharply when the sampled data is small. In this paper, vector MVDR algorithm and the diagonal loading are proposed to improve the robustness. Firstly, the sample date covariance matrix is whitened to obtain more uniform noise, and then use the standard deviation of covariance matrix as the loading amount to complete diagonal loading. Finally, the effectiveness and robustness of the proposed algorithm is verified by simulation. Simulation results reveal that it has higher positioning accuracy with small sample, with the increase of SNR and snapshots, the estimationís RMSE of target location decreases continuously.

Keywords: small snapshots, near field localization, diagonal loading, vector hydrophone, MVDR.


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