Research of piezoelectric acoustic liner

Jibin Liu1, Haifeng Lv2, Yannan Han3, Jing Zhao4

School of Mechanical Engineering, North University of China, Taiyuan, China

2Corresponding author


Received 25 September 2017; accepted 2 October 2017



Abstract. The piezoelectric acoustic liner is a new type of acoustic liner that uses piezoelectric patches to replace the traditional mechanical structure. Its working principle is to change the resonator volume of acoustic liner by inverse piezoelectric effect. In this paper, the finite element method is used to analyze the deformation of piezoelectric patches and the acoustic performance of piezoelectric acoustic liner, when the piezoelectric patch deformation is 0.1 mm, the noise elimination frequency band offset of the acoustic liner is about 30 Hz, and related experiments are designed. The experimental results confirm that noise elimination frequency range of piezoelectric acoustic liner is 1100 Hz to 1300 Hz within the voltage range of 0 V to 200 V.

Keywords: acoustic liner, piezoelectric patch, experiment, noise elimination frequency band.


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