Study on dynamic response of track structures under a variable speed moving harmonic load

Yan Zhang1, Yan Qi Liu2, Chun Fang Song3, Long Long Xu4

1, 3, 4School of Mechanical Engineering, Jiangnan University, Wuxi, China

2Key Laboratory of Environment Noise and Vibration, Beijing Municipal Institute of Labor Protection, Beijing, China

2Corresponding author


Received 23 September 2017; accepted 1 October 2017



Abstract. Basing on the dynamic response characteristics of the periodic structure under a moving harmonic load in frequency domain and the superposition principle, the dynamic response of track structure under variable speeds moving harmonic load is investigated. Firstly, the track is simplified as an Euler beam model periodically supported by continuous discrete point, the dynamic differential equation of vertical vibration for the track structure is formulated. Secondly, for convenience of analysis, the analytical expression for the amplitude-frequency response of any point on the track structure under the moving harmonic load is derived in frequency domain. Based on the theory of the infinite periodic structure, the dynamic responses of the track structure under the variable speed moving harmonic load are analyzed theoretically. Finally, the influences of velocity and acceleration on the dynamic response of track structure are numerically analyzed in detail. The research results indicate that the amplitude-frequency response peaks of the track under moving harmonic load with variable and constant speeds occur near the excitation frequency. The displacement response of the track increases slightly with increase of the acceleration, and the variation trend of dynamic response is basically similar. The vibration displacement response of the rail can be effectively improved by increasing the initial velocity of the moving harmonic load, while the peak value of amplitude-frequency response remained constant.

Keywords: moving harmonic load, track structure, vibration, periodic structure, dynamic response.


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