Reconstructing the acoustic far-field using a semi-circular sensor array

Jun Bo Su1, Cheng Min Wang2, Yu Jie Xiao3

1PLA 91370, Fuzhou, China

2Naval University of Engineering, Wuhan, China

3Naval Academy of Armament, Beijing, China

2Corresponding author


Received 20 September 2017; accepted 28 September 2017



Abstract. A method to reconstruct the acoustic far-field using a semi-circular sensor array is proposed. Firstly, the pressures in the acoustic far-field are measured by a semi-circular sensor array; then, the acoustic far-field is reconstructed based on the theory of acoustic radiation modes. The numerical simulations for reconstructing the acoustic far-field of a baffled rectangular plate are conducted. The results show that the acoustic far-field of the baffled rectangular plate can be reconstructed accurately by a few sensors on the semi-circular array. The influence of noise to the reconstruction of acoustic field is analyzed, and the robustness of the proposed method is proved. This paper provides a method for the reconstruction of acoustic far-field through a simple measuring array. The method can be applied to the acoustic field reconstruction of large structures, and has good engineering application prospects.

Keywords: sensor array, acoustic field reconstruction, acoustic radiation modes, acoustic far‑field.


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