Simulation on propagation characters of ground vibration induced by in-tunnel excitation source

Qiong Wu1, Yang Qu2, Hougui Zhang3

1, 3Beijing Municipal Institute of Labour Protection, Beijing, 100054, China

2Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing, 100044, China

3Corresponding author


Received 13 September 2017; accepted 20 September 2017



Abstract. In order to find the possibility of setting vibration mitigation measures at the transmission path for in-tunnel excitation source, a numerical calculation model of the tunnel and foundation was constructed. Using measurement vibration as the in-put excitation load, ground vibration propagation characters were calculated in cases of setting two common used vibration isolation measures, including open trench and buried concrete wall barrier. Calculation results indicated the open trench and buried concrete wall barrier can ideally shield the propagation of vibration induced by in-tunnel excitation source.

Keywords: subway, ground vibration, trenches, buried concrete wall barrier.


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