Design and study of DC excitation power controller of superconductor fault current limiter

Hui Li

Tianjin University of Technology and Education, Tianjin 300222, China


Received 13 September 2017; accepted 20 September 2017



Abstract. This paper provides a theoretical basis for high voltage magnetization and low voltage constant current excitation. The design structure of DC excitation power supply is put forward. As a controlled rectifier device, the 6RA70 is the core control unit of the superconducting fault current limiter. The problem that DC excitation power supply is difficult to control under high voltage and large current is effectively solved. The requirements of high voltage magnetization and constant current excitation control are expounded, and the switching methods between two states are described. PLC is used to establish a digital control system for networks. This paper provides a reference for the operation of superconducting fault current limiter.

Keywords: superconducting fault current limiter, DC excitation power supply, control network.


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