Study on perception threshold for whole-body vibration

Qiang Liu1, Zhongxu Kang2, Ruixiang Song3, Lijuan Zhang4, Qiong Wu5

Beijing Municipal Institute of Labour Protection, Beijing, China

1Corresponding author


Received 10 September 2017; accepted 19 September 2017



Abstract. When people stay in the vibrating environment for a long time, the body may produce a series of physiological and psychological diseases. In order to evaluate the impact of vibration on the human body, the establishment of evaluation method or evaluation system is necessary. At present, most countries usually evaluate whole-body vibration based on the international standard ISO 2631-1 “Mechanical vibration and shock-Evaluation of human exposure to whole-body vibration-Part 1: General requirements”. In this paper, the experiments of perception threshold of whole-body vibration were taken as the breakthrough point of evaluation method, and 12 subjects participated in the experiments. Through the experiments, comparing the provisions of ISO 2631‑1, we get some different conclusions about the distribution law of perception thresholds. This also provides some data support for further experimental research.

Keywords: whole-body vibration, vibration exposure, perception threshold, mechanical vibration.


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