The active control of macro-fiber composite over harmonic vibration of arc-plate structures

Jianhui Wei1, Weiping He2, Jianwei Tu3, Jiarui Zhang4, Wei Luo5

1, 2Wuhan 2nd Ship Design and Research Institute, Wuhan, China

3, 4, 5Hubei Key Laboratory of Roadway Bridge and Structure Engineering,
Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan, China

3Corresponding author


Received 11 September 2017; accepted 19 September 2017



Abstract. This paper offers an actuating equation for MFC arc-plate structures to obtain MFC’s accurate actuating force and actuating bending moment to are-plate structures and increase MFC control effect on vibration. This paper proposes the P1 type MFC arc-plate actuating equation which considers the recombination action of MFC and controlled structure, and arc-plate curvature influence on MFC, obtaining the MFC actuating force and actuating bending moment for arc-plate structures. The vibration control experiment of MFC arc-plate structures is performed, and the deviation between finite element simulation results adopting this equation and the experimental data is less than 8.5 %. The research shows that the P1 type MFC actuating equation deduced in this paper is correct and fully applicative to the MFC vibration control simulation to arc-plate structures.

Keywords: macro-fiber composite (MFC), actuating equation, finite element analysis, arc-plate structure.


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