An optical fiber measurement system design on tool radial vibration

Jia Binghui1, Feng Yong2

School of Mechanical Engineering, Nanjing Institute of Technology, Nanjing, 211167, China

1Corresponding author


Received 10 September 2017; accepted 19 September 2017



Abstract. The effects of tool radial vibration bring not only poor surface quality, inferior dimensional accuracy, but also disproportionate tool wear or tool breakage and excessive noise. Therefore, online measurement and monitoring of tool vibration are necessary. In order to monitor the tool vibration, an optical fiber measurement system was design in this pater. Firstly, the structure and basic principle of the optical fiber sensor was given; secondly, the light intensity to voltage converter circuit was introduced; then, an experiment platform was built for verify the feasibility of the optical measuring system, and the result shows that the radial vibration of a smooth 10 mm diameter shaft can be measured quickly.

Keywords: tool radial vibration, optical fiber sensor, measurement system.


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