Study on dynamic characteristics of double cylinder double acting bilge pump transmission

Jiangmin Xia1, Zhuying Li2, Zhenhai Zhang3, Guodong Wei4

1, 2Department of Naval Architect Engineering, Naval University of Engineering,
Wuhan, Hubei Province, China

3, 4College of Power Engineering, Naval University of Engineering, Wuhan, Hubei Province, China

1Corresponding author


Received 2 September 2017; accepted 10 September 2017



Abstract. In view of the complex structure of the ship bilge pump, the excitation source in the process of work is difficult to accurately determine the fault condition of the bilge pump through the vibration test data. Based on the theory of multi - body dynamics, rotor dynamics and electrical mechanics, the kinematics and kinetic equations of the bilge pump drive are established, and the dynamics, kinematics and vibration characteristics of bottom Pump drive analysis of the cabin is carried out. The frequency of the excitation force corresponding to the transmission mechanism is deduced, and the frequency of the excitation force of the main transmission is calculated.

Keywords: bilge pump, drive mechanism, kinematics dynamics, vibration.


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