Study on measuring technology of gun firing stability

Baoyuan Wang1, Jun Liu2, Gang Heng3

Northwest Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Xianyang, 712099, China

1Corresponding author


Received 1 July 2017; accepted 13 July 2017



Abstract. The firing stability is a hot issue in the field of gun vibration research. For the test results of the gun firing stability, in order to overcome no time information, low measuring accuracy and method obsolete of the traditional mechanical-stylus method, a multi-dimension dynamic tester has been designed by combining the sensing components of linear displacement and angular displacement with mechanical designing principle. With the self-propelled artillery firing, the tester can obtain not only the displacement-time curve of the chassis back-forth and up-down translational motion and the pitching motion but also the motion trajectory of the firing plane. The traditional mechanical-stylus test method can be replaced by electricity test method for the gun firing stability measurement. It has been proved that the tester can meet the measurement requirements through range firing test application of multiple gun firing stability.

Keywords: gun, vibration, firing stability, measurement, test method by electricity.


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