The impact of rotor elastic suspension settings on the acceleration of the automatic balancer compensating mass

Guntis Strautmanis1, Mareks Mezitis2, Valentina Strautmane3

1, 2Riga Technical University, Riga, Latvija

3Riga Technical University, Daugavpils, Latvija

1Corresponding author


Received 6 March 2017; accepted 17 March 2017



Abstract. Experimental studies of the vertical rotor with the automatic balancer ball type with a torus-shaped body with a cross section of the round form showed that the compensating masses are not accelerated to its operating speed at the each start of the rotor. The work is devoted to clarify the effect of the stiffness of the rotor elastic suspension on the acceleration process of compensating mass.

Keywords: automatic balancer, working regime, ball, rotor, torus-shaped body.


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