30. Resonance vibration of an optical fiber micro‑cantilever using electro-thermal actuation

Mojtaba Komeili1, Aydin Ahrabi2, Carlo Menon3

MENRVA Research Group, School of Engineering Science, Simon Fraser University,
Metro Vancouver, Canada

3Corresponding author

E-mail: 1mojtaba.komeili@gmail.com, 2aaa91@sfu.ca, 3cmenon@sfu.ca

Received 4 February 2017; received in revised form 19 February 2017; accepted 23 February 2017

DOI https://doi.org/10.21595/mme.2017.18228


Abstract. The resonance excitation of an optical fiber actuated by a conductive wire is studied in this paper. A novel approach based on exciting the micro-cantilever fiber at a location close to its base is proposed for this purpose. Analytical modeling is conducted on the mechanical models of this system in order to predict its behavior. The continuous Euler‑Bernoulli beam equation with the effect of surrounding fluid medium is formulated as a boundary value problem. The natural frequencies of the system and its harmonic response are expanded analytically, and results are verified using Finite Element analysis. The obtained analytical solutions are used to draw conclusions on the response of the system and suggestions to optimize its performance are presented. In order to verify the idea in practice, an experimental setup that can closely resemble the system under consideration is made in the laboratory and its response to a periodic input with different frequencies are recorded. Comparison between the results of analytical formulation and experimental observations highlights the effectiveness of suggested technique in resonance vibration of optical fibers.

Keywords: micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), micro-cantilever beam, thermal excitation, harmonic response, resonance vibration.


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