2096. Piezoelectric actuator with traveling wave waveguide

Andrius Ceponis1, Dalius Mazeika2, Ramutis Bansevicius3, Vytautas Bakanauskas4

1Vilnius College of Technologies and Design, Vilnius, Lithuania

2Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Vilnius, Lithuania

3, 4Kaunas University of Technology, Kaunas, Lithuania

1Corresponding author

E-mail: 1a.ceponis@vtdko.lt, 2dalius.mazeika@vgtu.lt, 3ramutis.bansevicius@ktu.lt, 4vytautas.bakanauskas@ktu.lt

Received 9 November 2015; received in revised form 2 August 2016; accepted 9 August 2016

DOI https://doi.org/10.21595/jve.2016.16632

Abstract. A novel design of traveling wave piezoelectric actuator with a special waveguide is investigated in the paper. Actuator consists of cylinder type waveguide and piezo ceramic ring. Waveguide has conical hole inside. Such configuration of the waveguide allows increasing amplitudes of the traveling wave vibrations. Electrodes of piezoceramic ring are divided into four equal sections. Four electric signals with shifted phases by 2 are used for the excitation. Numerical simulation was carried out to optimize the shape and dimensions of the waveguide and to maximize oscillation amplitudes at the contact surface of the waveguide. Mathematical model of the contact interface between stator and rotor was developed. A prototype piezoelectric actuator was made and experimental investigation was performed. Results of numerical and experimental investigation are discussed.

Keywords: piezoelectric actuator, traveling wave, waveguide.


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Ceponis Andrius, Mazeika Dalius, Bansevicius Ramutis, Bakanauskas Vytautas Piezoelectric actuator with traveling wave waveguide. Journal of Vibroengineering, Vol. 18, Issue 5, 2016, p. 2936‑2946.


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