121. Electronic locomotive power supply device simulation and harmonic analysis

Kai Lu

Guangxi Key Laboratory of Manufacturing System and Advanced Manufacturing Technology,
College of Mechanical Engineering, Guangxi University, Nanning, China

E-mail: mesut20150706@163.com

Received 19 June 2017; accepted 22 June 2017

DOI https://doi.org/10.21595/jme.2017.18780


Abstract. The DC600V electricity supply device plays an important role in locomotive. In this device, the main circuit is one kind of single-phase full-bridge half-controlled rectifier circuit. In this paper, first of all, we analyze the theory of main circuit. Secondly, accurate model is built through MATLAB/Simulink. We obtain the waveform of key parameters and harmonic analysis. The results of simulation waveforms show that the model is correct. It is proved that the built model flexible, convenient and intuitive. Meanwhile, it can be used for further fault detection and analysis.

Keywords: HXD locomotive, single-phase full-bridge half-controlled rectifier circuit, harmonic analysis.


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