114. Parametric study to mitigate fretting fatigue in dovetail joint of aeroengine compressor

Sunita Kumari1, Srihari P V2, Bharatish A3, Narasimha Murthy H N4

R V College of Engineering, Bangalore, India

3Corresponding author

E-mail: 1sunitashri45@gmail.com, 2pvsrihari@gmail.com, 3bharatisha@rvce.edu.in, 4narasimhamurthyhn@rvce.edu.in

Received 22 February 2017; accepted 27 February 2017

DOI https://doi.org/10.21595/jme.2017.18270


Abstract. Fretting fatigue is most likely to occur in the dovetail joint of aero engine compressor resulting in small amplitude displacement of a few micrometers. This leads to degradation of the material in the form of fatigue strength and corrosion. This paper reports optimal conditions of blade geometrical parameters such as flank length, flank angle and coefficient of friction in order minimize the failure due to fretting fatigue. ANOVA indicated that Von-mises stresses, deformation, contact pressure and sliding distance were influenced by coefficient of friction and flank angle. While deformation, contact pressure and sliding distance decreased with increase in coefficient of friction and increased with increase in flank angle and flank length. Von-mises stress increased with increase in coefficient of friction. Response surface methodology results indicated that the optimum value of Von-mises stress (328.24 MPa), deformation (153.87 m), contact pressure (275.48 MPa) and sliding distance (80.66 m) were found at coefficient of friction 0.35, flank angle 65 and flank length of 12 mm which were in agreement with those of grey relational analysis results.

Keywords: dovetail, fretting fatigue, response surface methodology.


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