90. Ignition timing control strategy based on openECU design

Xianzheng Ling1, Changshui Wu2, Yangbo Liu3, Sheng Lu4

Shanghai University of Engineering and Science, Shanghai, China

1Corresponding author

E-mail: 1542702499@qq.com, 2wuchangshui@sues.edu.cn, 3liuyangbo0726@163.com, 4982737858@qq.com

(Received 17 January 2016; accepted 9 April 2016)

Abstract. Ignition system is the main important part of the engine, and has absolute influence on engine performance. OpenECU for ignition timing strategy on the basis of the design and calibration work, greatly shorten the development difficulty and cycle; machine of a LNG gas ignition timing strategy has carried on the design and optimization, and combining the calculation model for the engine (air intake, compression, power, and exhaust) feedback and verification. It can save a lot of time and resources for experiment if experiments use openECU. It also can monitor the influence of the different inputs conditions on the ignition advance angle. It has realized the map of calibration, greatly shorten the development work and has certain actual application value.

Keywords: ignition timing, strategy, openECU, pre-calibration.


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